General Ultrasound

General Ultrasound

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Atlanta Mobile Imaging is proud to offer a complete range of general ultrasound services.  During this specialized procedure, ultrasound waves are sent to whatever body part is being examined. These ultrasound waves are either absorbed, refracted, or reflected when the wave encounters the body’s inside area. When the echo returns, it carries information that informs the examiner about internal organs, including their distance from one another, location, size, and uniformity. These images are displayed on a monitor, creating an image from the ultrasound.

General Ultrasound Services

The general ultrasound services that we provide include the examination of specific organs located in the abdomen, including the liver, pancreas, spleen, gallbladder, and kidneys. By examining these organs through ultrasound, particular issues can be identified, including blockages, stones, and irregularities such as masses. Early detection of some of these issues can save lives.

During an ultrasound examination, the patient will lay down on an exam table. A gel is applied to the skin in the area where the ultrasound is to be performed. This gel prevents air pockets from forming under the ultrasound device and the body. A technician who performs ultrasounds is called a sonographer. They use a small device that fits into their hand called a transducer. This device, similar in size to a bar of soap, is moved around the skin over the body area that needs to be examined. The sonographer moves the transducer from one location to another as they require to gather the ultrasound’s necessary information.

The sonographer places the transducer on the skin’s surface once the gel has been applied to the skin. Crystals located inside of the transducer give off sound waves which travel deep into your body. Every interior structure in our body, including bones, tissue, and fluids, reflect those sound waves, bouncing them back for reading by the transducer. The information received by the transducer is sent to a computer which then compiles the data and creates a detailed image based upon the information provided and the sound wave patterns. The transducer generates and sends sound waves that are high-frequency and cannot be detected by human ears. This technology is similar to sonar which is used to detect objects underwater.

Ultrasound scans work by exposing a body part to a high sound wave, which sends dynamic visual pictures of your body’s interior structures without the use of radiation. Ultrasounds that are used to diagnose potential issues based on diagnostic imaging can show tendons, joints, vessels, internal organs, and muscles which can provide vital information to a treating practitioner.

Since ultrasound images are captured live, they can give an accurate picture of the movement and the structure of the body’s internal organs and show the amount of blood flowing through blood vessels. Ultrasound is a tool that has become widely utilized in the medical field because it can assist physicians in diagnosing and treating a wide range of medical conditions that may have gone undiagnosed in the past.

Our professional team will come to your location and provide you with our services right from the comfort of your home. If there is anything that should be reported to your physician, we take care of it immediately.  We can screen small areas of the body to look for any issues, including the thyroid, testicles, the musculoskeletal system, and any masses in the soft tissues.

Atlanta Mobile Imaging uses only the most modern and up-to-date imaging machines. We know it is essential to have current equipment that can diagnose any problems you may have in your internal organs. When we attend your home for an appointment, we bring a licensed radiologist with full credentials. Our technicians are trained in diagnostics and can process the reports from your examination anywhere from 24 to 48 hours after completion.

Our mobile imaging services make it convenient, safe, and fast for you to have the testing you require. Now you do not have to attend a busy clinic and wait for your turn, your appointment is set with us, and we arrive at the appointed time to take care of your general ultrasound. You can relax knowing that every examination that we perform will have a quick and accurate result that you will access from your home.

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