Cardiovascular Ultrasound (ECHO)

Cardiovascular Ultrasound

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At Atlanta Mobile Imaging, we are committed to the health of our patients. As part of that commitment, we offer the latest in ultrasound technology for screening all parts of the body. One of those technologies is Cardiovascular Ultrasound or ECHO screenings. Whether it’s to detect an existing issue so that a patient can get the proper care and treatment, or just part of regular screenings, an ECHO is crucial to keeping your heart functioning well and staying healthy. 


Why Use Atlanta Mobile Imaging For Your Cardiovascular Ultrasound? 


Like most people, you probably still want to take care of your health. But with all the things going on in the world out there, it’s tough to want to leave your home just to get preventative screenings. Even getting needed medical care can seem scary when you consider going to a hospital or doctor’s office around many other people. 

That’s why Atlanta Mobile Imaging is the choice for you. All of our staff take the highest safety precautions and do their utmost to ensure their safety and their patients. 

Not only are we the safer option, but we also come directly to you. This means you get the medical care you need brought right to your door. No leaving the house, no sitting for hours in a busy waiting room around all those sick people, then waiting again once you get into an exam room or ultrasound booth. We can even offer same-day service to customers who book early. This means you can make your appointment, wait in the comfort of your home, and get seen on the same day without ever needing to leave the house or disrupt your everyday life. 

We’re also the cheaper option when considering all those high insurance deductibles and hidden costs and fees associated with a traditional visit to a doctor. You get at-home service at an upfront and affordable price with hidden fees or negotiating. 


How Our Cardiovascular Ultrasound Can Help You 


Cardiovascular ultrasound is the primary means of screening your heart for problems and abnormalities. Patients often get routine screenings as means to detect and prevent potential issues. 

A cardiovascular ultrasound can detect issues with the pumping of the heart that may affect blood flow and circulation. A problem with blood flow can cause numbness, blood clots, and severe damage to nerves and tissue in the extremities. Proper screenings can detect these issues before they become severe. 

Additionally, an ECHO can detect heart rhythm issues that may be the result of unforeseen heart problems. Many times this is a life-saving procedure as these issues can go undiagnosed until a person has a medical emergency. 

Ultrasounds can also check the overall function of the chambers of the heart to make sure that the heart is pumping new blood and ejecting old blood the way it should. 

Apart from checking the pumping function of the chambers of the heart, a cardiovascular ultrasound can detect abnormalities in the valves of the heart as well. A heart valve problem can result in high blood pressure, enlargement of the heart, heart attack, and even death. Narrowing of the valves or valve abnormalities is a severe issue that requires medical intervention. 

For this reason, we recommend everyone get regular cardiovascular screenings to detect these issues before symptoms arise and their condition worsens. Several other heart-related issues in the chambers, valves, and arteries of the hearts require an ultrasound to detect. We know that your time is precious, but so is your health. 

Let Atlanta Mobile Imaging come to you so that you can get the heart screenings you need. Whether you’re referred to us by your doctor or just want to stay on top of your health, getting a cardiovascular ultrasound from Atlanta Mobile Imaging is a choice that you won’t regret. Let our trusted mobile imaging experts, radiologists, doctors, and technicians take care of you with the friendly and professional service you need and deserve. 

If you’re ready to get screened for potential heart-related problems, call Atlanta Mobile Imaging today.

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